5 февраля 2012 г.

02/29/2012: Official WAKFU release date

Ну вот, почти 4 года спустя Анкма решили таки объявить релиз игры =)

February 29th doesn’t come by every year, so we’ve decided to celebrate in style! An extraordinary day calls for an extraordinary release… Timing is important after all, so let’s get it right! All of us at Ankama are proud to announce that the WAKFU MMORPG will officially be released on Wednesday, 29th February 2012!

Do you know how long we’ve had to wait for a leap year to finally come around?!
We’ve been waiting patiently to release our game for almost four years! OK… We know... It took a while, but it’ll be worth it. Well, actually, that’ll be for YOU to tell us!

При этом да, игра становится платной:
Will this game will have a subscription?
Wakfu will allow you to play some parts of the game for free, but in order to experience the whole game you will have to pay a subscription.

How much will a subscription cost?
Current it is possible to subscribe for 3 different time periods. 3 months for €15, 6 months for €28, or 1 year for €52.

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