23 февраля 2010 г.

I don't like new guild anymore.

It's annoying to read how ppl are pissed because they can't kill a boss. It's annoying to read things like "I don't care what he drops, he must just die xD". WTF? Do you come for loot or for fun bossfights? They can't learn to not stand in spray from boss, can't learn to run out with infection, can't learn to wait for oozes to merge, and they want loot? Annoying.

How can people even suggest moving to other boss, who is even harder, when they can't learn to do things propper way on this one?

Also, why talk for 10 mins after wipe and before pull? So much time wasted for nothing instead of practicing.

And the last thing: I'm sure it was healers issue we wiped so much. I checked why I died every time, checked others. Every time it was lack of healing when ppl get damage from infection + oozes. Once I had only one heal for all time for 4.4k when it was a beggining of fight =/

Hopefully, people who can't handle it will not be taken to raid anymore.

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