1 мая 2010 г.

Бб варлок-слакер.

Поговорила с РЛом про варлока (да, это оказалась не девочка), который меня раздражает. Разговор под катом.

[23:56] To [Kaellas]: hi hi Good you came, saved me from writing long letter
[23:56] [Kaellas] whispers: oooo
[23:56] [Kaellas] whispers: this cant be good
[23:56] [Kaellas] whispers: leaving for BR aswell? :P
[23:56] To [Kaellas]: hope not, haha
[23:57] [Kaellas] whispers: haha so where you off to then? :P
[23:58] [Kaellas] whispers: sooo what did you wanna tell me, im anxious to know :P
[23:58] To [Kaellas]: I just wanted to say I'm tired of an attitude Meregana has in raids and don't have fun raiding with her, so I'll have to decline raids she's in.
[23:59] [Kaellas] whispers: lol ive noticed that tbh, i seen you clash with him in raids, and i do plan on asking illunie can i swap him into a diff raid group
[00:00] [Kaellas] whispers: im not fussed on him as im not sure if you were there but when we did sindragosa i argued with him and threatened to kick him from guild if he didnt behave
[00:00] To [Kaellas]: =) I can understand when people do mistakes - we all do. But I can't stand Mere's attitude like "I don't switch to adds or care for kinetic bombs, as long as boss dies and someone do it for me".
[00:02] To [Kaellas]: I'm happy we talked about it and it's going to be sloved cause we do great and hope we progress more in our grp =)
[00:02] [Kaellas] whispers: yer i dont like that attitude either like when he died last night on BQL wanting to blame others
[00:02] [Kaellas] whispers: yer im looking to move him
[00:02] To [Kaellas]: =0
[00:02] To [Kaellas]: *=)

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