27 апреля 2010 г.


It astounds me the preconceived notions that people have in regards to raiding. As someone who has done hardcore 25-man raiding, and someone who has done only 10-man raiding, I welcome this change whole heartedly.
25-man raiders do not deserve better gear because they managed to find another fifteen people to attend their raid. The difficulty level between 10-man content and 25-man is essentially just people. In 25-mans, you might find an additional mechanic during a boss fight, but the biggest difference is typically the amount of health the boss has. They will usually do more damage, as well, to make up for the fact that they assume that 25-man raiders will have better gear then 10-man raiders.

I want you to think about that for a moment. The only reason 25-man content is harder is because it's artificially harder due to the additional number of moronic people you might be bringing with you. It's harder because there are more people to screw you over. How is this fun? How is this exciting? 10-man raiding right now is given no respect due to the fact that 25-man raiders can come in and just roll it as soon as it's out due to their gear level. 10-man instances were never made to be difficult for people who out-gear them. 10-man content shouldn't be viewed as a training ground for 25-man content, or to get a few easy pieces to make up for what you don't have to make 25-man content easier. This lessens greatly the accomplishment of a 10-man who is a close-knit group of friends who work well together and can accomplish things without having to spend hours upon hours in a 25-man instance.

So, at this point, "hardcore" raiders are complaining because they're no longer given the prestige of managing to find fifteen additional players who will, at some point, cause wipes for them. They're complaining because now 10-man raiding means something. It doesn't take away from you. If anything, it promotes your style of play. An environment where every single player in the raid has far more impact on what's actually happening, rather than having the ability for several people to go afk, screw up or DC and you still accomplish your goal. If anything, this promotes competent, progressive raiding. We have more time for learning and dominating content rather than sitting around scrounging for players. I understand that the progression-minded, world first raids already have the players they need, but Blizzard doesn't build content expressly for those people.

Shame on you.

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